The Beat PCOS 10-Week Program with Kym Campbell

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Next Program Starts January 7, 2022

The Beat PCOS
10-Week Program

Starts Jan 7, 2022

The Ultimate 10-Week PCOS Program

With Kym Campbell

Implement the 3 most scientifically-proven interventions:

Nutrition • Exercise • Emotional Wellness


Customizable PCOS Meal Plans + Shopping Lists


Over 330 PCOS Recipes to Choose From


PCOS Nutrition Lessons + Comprehensive Food Guides


Emotional Eating Solutions + Guided Practice Exercises


Step-by-Step Coaching for Quitting Sugar


PCOS Exercise Program + Workout Videos


Proven Emotional Wellness Solutions + Guided Practice


Practical Tips & Tricks + Weekly Challenges


Active and Vibrant PCOS Community of Women


Evidence-Based PCOS Supplements Guide


Over 1,000 Highly Relevant Scientific Citations


Not just lessons but real-life IMPLEMENTATION!

Discover and Achieve

The Benefits of Food as Medicine

Meal Planning Platform Beat PCOS Program with Kym Campbell

Meal Planning Platform

Enjoy a stress-free transformation to the right diet using my recommended PCOS meal plan and intelligent online platform. With over 330 PCOS recipes to choose from, fully customizable features, and a smartphone ready shopping list generator, you will be shopping and cooking like a nutritional goddess from Day 1.

Meal Planning Platform Beat PCOS Program with Kym Campbell

Tailored PCOS Recipes

Rest assured that all 330+ recipes included in the Program have been carefully developed with PCOS diet principles in mind and have been fully road-tested in the kitchen. Let me show you how a commitment to going gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar, low-carb and high-fat, can be fun and delicious.

Tailored PCOS Recipes Beat PCOS Program with Kym Campbell

Nutrition Sessions

A complete nutritional education for a PCOS-free life. Learn everything you need to know about using food to lose weight without restriction dieting; to overcome infertility; and to address unwanted hair and skin symptoms. Receive my practical guidance and valuable downloads on all the major categories of food so you are set up with your own personal PCOS nutrition plan well after the Program has ended.

Receive Comprehensive

Emotional Eating Solutions & Support

Emotional Eating

Restriction diets have been scientifically proven to fail because they ignore the importance of how we subconsciously relate to food. Learn and receive guided instructions on Intuitive Eating: An evidence-based therapeutic protocol for making lasting positive changes to your relationship with food so you can successfully implement your new PCOS diet plan.

Sugar Rehab

Quitting sugar is the single most positive step you can take to overcome your PCOS, but it is also the most difficult of all the PCOS diet changes you will need to implement. In your weekly Sugar Rehab sessions, you will receive my practical tips and advice as well as unique emotional coaching to help you make this powerful and positive transformation.

Undertake a Guided

PCOS Exercise Program


Lock-in regular exercise as a permanent habit by completing a comprehensive workout program designed specifically for women with PCOS. Including three diverse types of exercise, you can save yourself a gym membership using nothing but your natural body weight, the world around you, plus my instructional workout videos and downloads.

Information Sessions

Enjoy my evidence-based information sessions that will help you stay motivated, and will set you up for long-term exercise success. Topics include the mechanisms that make exercise uniquely beneficial to women with PCOS, the best and worst kinds of exercise for keeping PCOS in check, and an overview of the neurological and psychological benefits as well.


Stress, Anxiety, Depression, & Low Self-Esteem

Emotional Wellness Sessions

The fraught relationship between PCOS and emotional distress is now well understood and can no longer be ignored by the medical community. Discover a range of practical and scientifically proven approaches for enhancing emotional self-care, and learn how to better manage stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

Guided Practice Exercises and Activities

Consistent with the action-oriented theme of this Program, apply the learning outcomes of the Emotional Wellness Sessions to your challenges. Embark on a journey of self-discovery as I show you how to improve your emotional health and happiness in a collaborative group environment.

Have fun and learn

Practical Ways to Apply What You Learn

Practical Tips and Tricks

Make your health transformation a reality through weekly support, where I help you apply the Program learnings to your daily life. Discover all my practical tips and tricks for overcoming cravings, managing social situations, snacking smarter, getting your family on board, meal prep shortcuts and much more.

Learn and Succeed as a Group

Nothing beats learning in a group as you can reflect on how the weekly lessons apply to your personal circumstances and share ideas with like-minded individuals. Engage with some truly fabulous women through weekly challenges that reinforce the lessons, as well as regular group discussions.

Connect and Participate in a

Unique & Supportive Community

Community Support

Take full advantage of the group experience by connecting with others through the community Facebook Group. Get motivated, inspired, and have fun with a truly international gathering of women who understand exactly what you’re going through. For some extra accountability, you can even buddy up with another Program participant.

Exclusive Facebook Group for Alumni

This Program is all about creating long-term sustainable change so you won’t be left hanging after the 10 weeks have ended. Join an exclusive Facebook group for our PCOS Program Alumni so you can continue to collaborate and share your ongoing success in the same warm environment you will soon be familiar with.

Leave no stone unturned

With These Additional Resources

Comprehensive PCOS Supplements Guide

A quick and easy consumer guide to the REAL scientific efficacy of over 170 PCOS supplements. Backed by over 900 peer-reviewed studies, use my handy traffic light rating system to know exactly where your money is well spent (and where it is not!).

Exclusive Access to Kym

Despite my expectations that the Program lessons will answer 99% of your questions, I still don’t want to let that 1% go unanswered. This Program focuses on a supportive group atmosphere and not 1:1 coaching, however I will happily answer any questions you may have through the community Facebook Group or via email. It won’t be a customer support person – it’s really me in there.

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Next 125 Sign-Ups
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My 90-Day 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Any enrollment in my 10-Week Program comes with a 100% unconditional, 90-day, money-back guarantee. If after following my guidance you don’t see and feel the difference, then I’ll return your full enrollment fee – no questions asked.

Key Dates

For January 2022 PCOS Program

January 7, 2022 - Orientation officially begins

January 14, 2022 - Week 1 of the Program begins

January 16, 2022 - Last day to enroll

March 24, 2022 - Program ends