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About Me

All my life I was a committed sugarholic and like any addiction I was blind to the harm it was causing.

Kym PregnantMy wakeup call finally came when I got married and discovered that I couldn’t fall pregnant.

It wasn’t until I was 30 and struggling to conceive that I was diagnosed with PCOS. Suddenly 15 years of ill-treated health issues finally made sense to me. I had been on birth control since I was 16 because I never got my period, and was prescribed antidepressants for insomnia and anxiety at a young age also. Acne had followed me throughout adulthood, I had severe digestive problems, and despite being extremely active, I always carried excess stomach fat. Having PCOS explained ALL of this and my sugar habit, along with some other unhelpful food choices was making everything worse.

Like many women in my situation, I was let down by my doctors who only offered band aid solutions like birth control and metformin. After putting up with PCOS for all these years, infertility was a bridge too far. I decided it was time to get serious about my health and to solve the underlying issues, even if it meant no more bread, pasta, cereal or candy.

Through years of research and working closely with a Functional Medicine practitioner I was able to transform my health and restore my ovulatory cycle without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. By using food as medicine, by exercising in tune with my hormones, and through learning some essential emotional wellness techniques I eventually conquered my own personal Everest.

After failing multiple rounds of IVF and with my chances of becoming a mom dwindling by the day, the positive changes I made finally paid off. I started getting a regular period and then fell pregnant naturally with my beautiful son, Jai.

Kym and JaiI now know that there is nothing magical or lucky about my experience. It is simply a scientific fact that if you make the right lifestyle changes and put in the hard work, you can overcome PCOS too.

Whether you’re trying to conceive, you’re ready to lose weight, or you just want to rediscover a healthy happier you the road is always open. The scientific literature could not be more supportive of a healthy lifestyle as the number one treatment for PCOS.

But having been through this difficult process, I appreciate better than anyone that putting good advice into practice can be a tough challenge to face alone. This is why I created the 30 Day Challenge and my full Beat PCOS 10 Week Program. These programs are my small way of making things right for women like me that have suffered unnecessarily because of outdated or inadequate health care. My goals are to use evidence based research to provide you with the best advice possible, and to give you the support you really deserve so that you can beat PCOS for good.

xo Kym

Founder of Smart Fertility Choices and The Beat PCOS 10 Week Program

Ps. You can read more about my personal journey through PCOS and infertility here.