10 Week Program PCOS Success Stories - Beat PCOS with Kym Campbell

PCOS Success Stories

Karina K. – How I Lost 60 Lbs & Achieved My Goal Weight
”…I’ve now lost 60 pounds and am less than 2 pounds away from my goal weight. My acne has cleared up, I have more energy, and my mood has improved a lot – my monster side is gone now. I also don’t really think about sweets anymore because I no longer get cravings.” *
Kendall – How I lost 110 Lbs & Fell Pregnant Naturally
“I feel like I’m not the same person I was 3 years ago. I’ve lost over 110 lbs, my skin has cleared up, and… my hirsutism has gotten a lot better… I went from having a period maybe twice a year, to getting it every month right on time!! Well, I did anyway, as I’m now pregnant.” *
Raynetta – How I lost 50 Lbs & Fixed My Hirsutism
“I walk past a mirror and smile at the woman I see. The thing I most value about my weight loss though is that it reminds me that I’m a fighter and tells me not to give up when it gets a little hard. I’m finally healthy and feeling like me again which truly is the biggest reward.” *
Hanna B. – How I Fixed My Period & Fell Pregnant
“…I lost the fat around my stomach and gained muscle. I also started getting more regular ovulations and much clearer signs of them which made it easier to track my cycle. The absolute best thing though was that I got pregnant. About a month after the end of the program I got my first ever BFP.” *
LeeAnne Soule – How I lost 65 lbs & Fixed My Period
“I now have clockwork 30 day cycles…. acne is gone, joint pain gone, brain fog gone… I have a LOT of new baby hair growth…. and my other “unwanted” hair has gotten thinner. No more migraines, depression has lifted and I’m learning to love my body…” *
Bianca K. – How I Lost 30 Lbs & Fell Pregnant Naturally
“My health is so much better now. I stopped taking medication and I have had a regular period every month since. I ovulate which is super exciting and I am down 30 pounds so far! My skin looks so much better and I am still just as motivated as I was when I first started!” *
Alisha P. – How I Beat PCOS & Infertility By Losing 30 lbs
“I went from having no energy to having tons of energy…. and I started feeling great about myself. My skin definitely cleared up, and my hormone blood tests were coming back normal…. a few weeks after completing the program I fell pregnant naturally – just the way I’d always hoped for.” *
Katrina H. – How I Fell Pregnant & Had a Healthy Pregnancy
“I lost 19 pounds and many inches.  I felt stronger, and woke up better rested.  I stopped having acid reflux.  The texture of my skin improved, and I no longer had cycle related breakouts… I began ovulating on my own again and I became pregnant on the first cycle we tried after completing the program!” *
April Hamm – How I lost 60 Lbs
“…Shortly after implementing my new way of eating I started feeling fantastic! I am so happy to say that by implementing Kym’s principles I am down a total of 60 lbs, and my menstrual cycle is now pretty regular.” *
Sarah – How I Lost Weight & Overcame PCOS
“…In the 12 months following the 30 Day Challenge and 10 Week Program I have lost 30 lbs. I also sleep normal hours which is such a relief as insomnia was always a major problem for me.  I think clearer, my mood is more stable, and my confidence is stronger than ever.” *


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