Raynetta’s PCOS Weight Loss Success Story - Beat PCOS with Kym Campbell

How I lost 50 Lbs & Fixed My Hirsutism *

Raynetta’s Success Story

I found out I had PCOS the week after my wedding.

We have been TTC since July of 2016 and I really want to be a mommy. I’ve also been on a weight loss journey which started back in early 2017.

When I’d sought help in the past, the only things I was told would work was birth control or metformin both of which made me feel awful. I didn’t like that no one was really willing to help me fall pregnant naturally as having children means everything to me.

I’m someone that’s certainly had their ups and downs when it comes to treating PCOS through diet. I started taking Kym’s instructions from her 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge in early 2017 and the weight started to melt off. That first year I lost about 35 lbs. Unfortunately, I eventually fell off the wagon and gained half of that weigh back.

In 2018 I set out to do better and decided to do the 10 Week Beat PCOS Program. To be totally honest here, I was a little intimidated during my first attempt at the program and didn’t end up completing it. The second time around though I was a lot more successful. I lost the weight again reaching 45 lbs of weight loss only to become discouraged because still no baby.

By April of 2019 I realized I had to make this a life time goal. I adjusted my mindset to longevity and this time I believe it gave me what I needed. I am now at a total of 50 lbs of healthy weight loss and I have less symptoms also. Eczema is clearing up, I have little to no unwanted hair under my chin, I sleep better, and I don’t experience the ongoing nausea I used to put up with.

What’s changed? I have cut all gluten, dairy, soy, and sugars out of my diet. I started yoga and meditation and now do 30-45 minutes workouts. I’ve even become a beach body coach and I plan on getting my certification in nutrition and physical fitness so I can help as many people as I can.

I feel like I’ve really found the positive through my journey.

Kym helped me see I’m not alone, which is so important. I did feel alone at one point but my eyes were opened when I saw the progress other women were making. Their success stories encourage me to never give up. Some of our cysters have it 10 times worse than I ever have but still achieve their health goals.

I now have a healthy relationship both with food and my body. I walk past a mirror and smile at the woman I see. A warrior!

The thing I most value about my weight loss though is that it’s a reminder of how far I’ve come. It reminds me that I’m a fighter and tells me not to give up when it gets a little hard. I’m finally healthy and feeling like me again which truly is the biggest reward.

Cysters, don’t give up! Take it at your own pace. I was beating myself up at first but Kym taught me how to have compassion for myself. I’m in love with me because of what I learned in Kym’s programs. If not for anything else do it to better yourself. Life’s a climb so you might as well enjoy the view on your way up.


Post Script: This success story was published in October 2019. Raynetta soon went on to realize her dream. Less than a year later, Raynetta gave birth to her beautiful baby boy.