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Meal Planning Platform – How It Works

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About Membership Differences

Kickstarter includes everything you need to discover and learn how to use food as medicine:

  • PCOS Nutrition Lessons [?]
  • Comprehensive Food Guide [?]
  • Emotional Eating Module [?]
  • Sugar Rehab Module [?]

You will receive a weekly meal plan and shopping list download based on the number of people you plan to cook for. You can select if you want your meal plan in either metric or US imperial units of measure. Kickstarter members will also receive 120 recipes organized in an easy to search recipe index that provides a solid foundation to support your ongoing PCOS transformation.

A Lifestyle membership is the perfect solution for women who want to apply all three of the proven interventions for overcoming PCOS: Nutrition, Exercise, and Emotional Wellness. As well as receiving the same great content as Kickstarter, Lifestyle membership includes:

  • PCOS Exercise Program [?]
  • Emotional Wellness Module [?]
  • Tips, Tricks & Group Challenges Module [?]

You will also have access to the community forum, and will be invited to participate in weekly group challenges and activities. All Lifestyle members are also invited to join an exclusive Facebook Group for Alumni at the end of the program to provide ongoing support to your PCOS success.

A Premium membership is the ultimate solution for busy women who want the flexibility to customize their meal plans and shopping lists. You can pick the meals you like the best, alter the number of servings on individual meals, and even modify the combination of meat, vegetables and carbohydrates within most of the recipes. As well as receiving the same great content as the Lifestyle package, the Premium membership includes:


  • A Customizable Daily Meal Plan [?]
  • Smartphone Ready Shopping List Generator [?]
  • 80 Additional Recipes to Choose From (200 in Total)
  • My Comprehensive PCOS Supplements Guide [?]
What is the difference between the meal plans offered with each membership level?
The meal plans for Lifestyle and Kickstarter memberships are delivered as a weekly static download, for your chosen number of people, in your preferred units of measure (metric or US imperial). These meal plans are similar to those used in my 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge.

Only Premium members receive the customizable meal plan and shopping list generator using the fully functional online platform that I give more details about in this video.

Can I change membership levels after I make my purchase?
You can upgrade your membership once you have made your purchase, you’ll just need to get in touch via email to let us know which level you’d like to upgrade to. Unfortunately though it is not possible to downgrade your membership level, so please ensure you choose the option that suits you best.

Key Dates

For April 2021 PCOS Program

April 2, 2021 - Orientation officially begins

April 9, 2021 - Week 1 of the program begins

April 11, 2021 - Last day to enroll

June 17, 2021 - Program ends