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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Levels Explained
Kickstarter includes everything you need to use food as medicine:

  • PCOS Nutrition Lessons [?]
  • Comprehensive Food Guide [?]
  • Emotional Eating Module [?]
  • Sugar Rehab Module [?]
  • Alumni Repeat Special [?]

You will receive a weekly meal plan and shopping list download based on the number of people you plan to cook for. You can select if you want your meal plan in either metric or US imperial units of measure. Kickstarter members will also receive 120 recipes organized in an easy to search recipe index that provides a solid foundation to support your ongoing PCOS transformation.

A Lifestyle membership is the perfect solution for women who want to apply all three of the proven interventions for overcoming PCOS: Nutrition, Exercise, and Emotional Wellness. As well as receiving the same great content as Kickstarter, the Lifestyle membership includes:

  • PCOS Exercise Program [?]
  • Emotional Wellness Module [?]
  • Tips, Tricks & Group Challenges Module [?]
  • Membership to an Exclusive Community Facebook Group [?]
  • Daily access to Kym to ask questions via the Facebook Group & email [?]

Within the exclusive Facebook Group, you will be invited to participate in weekly group challenges and activities. All Lifestyle members are also invited to join an exclusive Facebook Group for Alumni at the end of the program to provide ongoing support to your PCOS success.

A Premium membership is the ultimate solution for busy women who want the flexibility to customize their meal plans and shopping lists. You can pick the meals you like the best, alter the number of servings on individual meals, and even modify the combination of meat, vegetables and carbohydrates within most of the recipes. As well as receiving the same great content as the Lifestyle package, the Premium membership includes:


  • A Customizable Daily Meal Plan [?]
  • Smartphone Ready Shopping List Generator [?]
  • 80+ Additional Recipes to Choose From (Over 200 in Total)
  • My Comprehensive PCOS Supplements Guide [?]
What is the difference between the meal plans offered with each membership level?
The meal plans for Lifestyle and Kickstarter memberships are delivered as a weekly static download, for your chosen number of people, in your preferred units of measure (metric or US imperial). These meal plans are similar to those used in my 30 Day PCOS Diet Challenge.

Only Premium members receive the customizable meal plan and shopping list generator using the fully functional online platform that I give more details about in this video.

Can I change membership levels after I make my purchase?
You can upgrade your membership once you have made your purchase, you’ll just need to get in touch via email to let us know which level you’d like to upgrade to. Unfortunately though it is not possible to downgrade your membership level, so please ensure you choose the option that suits you best.
My 90-Day 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
What’s the deal with refunds?
Any enrollment in my 10 Week Program comes with a 100% unconditional, 90-day, money back guarantee. If after following my guidance you don’t see and feel the difference, then I’ll return your full enrollment fee – no questions asked.

Learn More About My 90 Day 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee >

The $29 Alumni Repeat Special
Can I do the program again and what is the cost?
While all of the program content is 100% downloadable, many past program participants loved the meal planning platform, content, and community support so much they’ve signed up multiple times.

There’s a ton of stuff crammed into this 10 Week Program so many women who want to take things at a slower pace prefer to work on just one aspect at a time. It’s common for participants to focus primarily on the dietary aspects first, since this is the most effective intervention, and then come back a second, third, or even fourth time to explore the exercise and emotional wellness modules, within the group environment. Others find they simply want to double-down on their meal planning and find the accountability and support of the program especially motivating.

This is a lifelong journey after all, and for some women being part of this community is a great way to find their new balance until they’re 100% confident they can cope on their own. It’s important to understand that if you’ve had a bad relationship with food for most of your life, undoing all of the psychological effects can take several months longer than the length of this program. With that in mind, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to keep on going which is why I’ve created the Alumni Repeat Special – so that you can repeat the program for only a fraction of the cost.

Your success is my success and even if it takes all year, I’ll be with you all the way.

The Alumni Repeat Special works like this: Near the end of the program you’ll be sent a discount code that allows you to sign-up again at the same membership level you originally signed up for. You get this link sent to you every time a new program starts so you can repeat the program as many times as you like for $29.

Questions about Food While on the Program
What foods will I normally be eating during the program?
A quick summary of the food principles you will be following during the program include:

  • Eating as many nutrient dense whole foods as possible, especially vegetables
  • Fitting in lots of animal protein and healthy fats.
  • Low GI carbs limited according to your weight goals.
What if I am a vegetarian or vegan?
While I would absolutely love to support vegetarians and vegans (I was one myself for over ten years), advising how to obtain complete and sufficient nutrition on these diets is very complex. I’m not saying it can’t be done without meat, unfortunately it’s just extremely complicated and requires personalized care beyond what I can deliver safely in a group setting. The meal plans provided in the program will recommend the regular consumption of fish, meat, and eggs as the scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of animal protein in combating PCOS is just too strong to ignore.
What if I am a picky eater?
I’m unashamedly a picky eater, so I totally understand that others need to have food choices too. My appreciation that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all meal plan is exactly why I have included an extensive recipe index for ALL memberships!

A Premium membership gets you the ultimate in flexibility with your food as the customizable meal plan platform allows you to:

  • Swap individual meal components (meat, carbs and vegetables)
  • Modify the number of servings on a meal by meal basis
  • Exchange whole recipes for others you prefer instead
  • Add/delete and edit individual items in your shopping list

Click here to learn more

If you are a picky eater then I highly recommend you go with a Premium membership.

What foods will I not be allowed to eat during the program?
During the program we will be intentionally avoiding gluten (wheat), dairy products, soy, sugar, and high GI carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, pasta, breads, and breakfast cereal. I also encourage you to completely quit coffee and alcohol if you are up for the challenge (see below for more). While food intolerances and allergies are unique for everyone, eliminating these foods strikes the right balance between simplicity and efficacy, as well as trying to make the program achievable for as many people as possible.
Does quitting these foods mean giving them up forever?
Yes and no. Sugar and high GI carbs are something you would be best to avoid permanently. While this might sound horrendous right now, what you will find is that once you’ve gone through my Sugar Rehab module you won’t actually WANT them. This is what happens when you successfully quit sugar!

The same goes for high GI carbs. After you’ve been off them for a while, you’re likely to find that when you DO have them, you don’t feel as well afterwards, especially as you become more in tune with how your body responds to these foods. This makes staying away from these foods as easy psychologically as avoiding uncooked chicken.

The no part of the answer is for gluten and dairy. These potentially inflammatory foods are only a problem for women with PCOS when you have an intolerance to them. If you find out that you don’t actually HAVE an intolerance (by cutting them out of your diet for the duration of the program) then you should be fine to reintroduce these into your diet once the program ends.  I will go into this in greater detail during the Nutrition Sessions, which are included in ALL membership levels.

Will I be able to eat fruit?
You sure will. But maybe not in the quantities you’re used to. My fruit recommendations are generally limited to one to two servings per day, and I give you all the information you need to stick to low fructose fruits in my comprehensive Fresh Fruit Guide.
Do I have to give up coffee?
Thanks to all the many compounds contained within coffee beans in addition to just the caffeine, scientific evidence supports both sides of the coffee decision for women with PCOS. In my view, the cons of coffee generally outweigh the benefits which is why I don’t drink it, but this assessment ignores the significance and value you place on enjoying this beverage.

Coffee causes more problems in some women with PCOS than others which I will explain further in in the program. My goal is to present you with the facts so that you can decide for yourself if and how you choose to include coffee in your PCOS free lifestyle.

What about alcohol?
There is clear scientific evidence demonstrating that women with PCOS have higher rates of liver disease independent of being overweight, or having insulin resistance. Even small amounts of alcohol consumption have been associated with liver disease in women with PCOS.

With this in mind, quitting alcohol is clearly a very advisable and sensible recommendation I promote during the program. However that said, drinking alcohol can be really fun and we don’t want our PCOS completely affecting our social lives! I personally find the risk of having a glass of red wine every now and then acceptable to me, and I encourage program participants to find the balance that’s right for them too.

What to Expect During the Program
How much of my time each week will the program take up?
For Premium and Lifestyle memberships a typical week includes:

  • Approximately 1.5 hours of lessons and practice exercises provided in both spoken audio format as well as full text downloads.
  • Optional homework exercises and weekly challenges that help you implement the week’s key learning outcomes (allow half an hour per week).
  • Approximately 2.5 hours of workouts spread over 4 days each week.

All lessons are offered as podcast style audio downloads as well as full text scripts so you can easily fit the program into your day. Listen while you walk, drive, or do the housework!

Kickstarter members can expect to require approximately an hour each week to complete the lesson content.

Can I do the program with my family?
Absolutely, and I strongly encourage you to include them on your journey!

While I call the recipes in the program “PCOS friendly”, they really are incredibly healthy for anyone, it’s just that women with PCOS benefit even more than others from this type of diet.

ANYONE will become healthier if they follow the food principles, exercise guidelines, and emotional wellness techniques I teach on the program. My husband is on a 100% PCOS friendly diet, and he definitely doesn’t have PCOS, but he has had huge improvements to his weight, cholesterol, and emotional health since making the switch. So have others in my family who have made similar changes to their diet after seeing the dramatic improvements in my health. The great news is that the more you can involve your family the healthier everyone will be!

What if I don’t have a lot of time to prepare meals?
Similar to the 30 Day Challenge, the 10 Week Program includes plenty of quick and simple recipes because I know how busy you are!

I generally develop the meal plan around a normal working week, with the more elaborate and time consuming meals scheduled on weekends. With the comprehensive recipe index (all memberships), and the fully customizable meal plan (Premium only) you will have complete control over how much time you spend in the kitchen.

When will I get access to the program?
You will receive an email containing your login details and password within hours of completing your enrollment. You will then be able to access the program’s orientation pages which will be released several weeks before the program starts.

Orientation includes:

  • A comprehensive Starter Guide
  • Several important downloads to get you ready for the Exercise Module (Lifestyle and Premium members only)

One week prior to the start of the program, the meal plans and recipe index will be released. This will give you time to get prepared. Lifestyle and Premium members will also gain access to the community forum at this time, so you can introduce yourself to the group, and team up with a program buddy (optional).

When is each week’s content available?
During the program new information will be unlocked each week at 1200am UTC on a Friday. For those of you in the United States and in Canada, you will actually gain access on Thursday evenings due to international time zone differences.

For Kickstarter and Lifestyle members, you will receive your first weekly meal plan one week before the start of the program.  Subsequent meal plans, will be released 7 days in advance after that so you will always have plenty of time to do your shopping.

For Premium members, the meal plan will continually update to stay 9 days in advance. You can select however many days within this period you want to shop for when you generate your shopping list so you are not constrained to a weekly schedule.

How long will I have access to the program?
Access to the community Facebook Group and the Program website ends on the last day of Week 10, however you can download any of the content you wish to keep during the Program (see below). I will provide a zip file of everything via email at the end as well.
Can I download all the content from the program to use indefinitely?
Yes, you can download everything. All content is provided for your ongoing use including recipes, lessons (both audio and text), supplementary downloads, and workout videos etc. This program is about sustainable change, so my hope is that you will be able to go through your lessons as many times as you need to in the weeks and months after the program has ended.
When can I join the Alumni Facebook Group?
You will be invited to join the Alumni Facebook Group at the end of the program (Lifestyle and Premium members only).
How do I take advantage of my exclusive access to Kym?
This program focuses on a supportive group atmosphere and not 1:1 coaching, however I will happily answer any questions you may have through the community Facebook Group or via email. It won’t be a customer support person – it’s really me in there. (Lifestyle and Premium members only).
What Results to Expect from the Program
Will I lose weight?
If one of the reasons why you’re considering my program is because you want to lose weight then this program will not disappoint you. While women with PCOS find it 2-3 times harder than other women to lose weight, you will definitely be able to achieve your personal healthy body weight if you apply what I teach you during the program.
What if I have thin type PCOS and don’t want to lose weight?
This program is equally well suited to people with thin-type PCOS as it is for those that know they could benefit from losing weight. In isolation, being thin is not an indicator of good health, and nor is it a reason why you won’t benefit just as much by making the diet and lifestyle changes that are provided in the program.

Regardless of your weight; if you suffer from menstrual irregularity, infertility, or skin and hair problems, then this program will be exactly what you need.

Women with thin-type PCOS still have dysregulation of their hormones, and may have unhealthy, unseen organ fat as a result of their PCOS. My 10 week program helps these women by addressing this dysregulation through positive enhancements to your diet, exercise regime and emotional wellness.

Special Personal Circumstances
What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies? Do you have recipes that work for me?
If you have special food restrictions such as allergies to fish, nuts, or eggs; or you’re on a low FODMAP diet, you can still participate in the program.  Hopefully those of you with unique requirements will find the majority of the recipes I offer a good base that just needs a little tweaking here and there to make it compliant with your particular dietary needs.

A Premium membership is particularly well suited to those of you with special dietary restrictions or allergies. The shopping lists and meal plans are completely customizable so you can make whatever changes you need within the online platform.

I encourage you to be as creative as you can be, and you can both seek and share your ideas with me and others using the community forum.

I have other medical conditions, is your 10-Week Program suitable for me?
Eating the fresh whole foods, in the portions I recommend during the program, will promote good health for almost anyone. However if you have a medical condition, I strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor before making significant dietary changes.
Can I do this if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
This program is perfect for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms.

If you’re already pregnant then eating a PCOS friendly diet is not only going to maximize your health during pregnancy, but it will also have an effect on your unborn child. Since environmental influences can alter the expression of genes while in utero, by eating well during pregnancy you’re giving your child the best chances of being fit and healthy. Not just when they’re young, but even as adults too. This is especially true for women with a genetic pre-disposition to insulin resistance and PCOS, particularly if they’re having a girl.

For breastfeeding moms, good nutrition is essential for abundant milk production as well as replenishing your depleted nutrient status. Making both a baby and a placenta is an incredibly taxing process on our bodies, while producing the world’s greatest superfood in the form of breastmilk can drain the reserves of even the healthiest individuals.

At the same time, you have massive post-partum and lactation related hormone changes that can have a profound effect on your mood, and emotional wellbeing as well as your natural tendency to store body fat. Even if you successfully manage to get pregnant on your “old” diet, if you had PCOS before giving birth, chances are it will get worse in the following years if you don’t do something about it. This is why so many moms and pregnant women take part in the program.

During Orientation, I provide additional advice to pregnant and breastfeeding women, but the short answer is that this program is likely to be just what the doctor ordered.

Can I do the program overseas?
Absolutely. That’s the beauty of the internet! I’m an American, working from Australia, providing this program to women all over the world. All the recipes state both US imperial and metric units, and your shopping lists can be in either as well.
Payment Questions
Will my credit card details be secure?
I use either Stripe or PayPal as my payment processor, depending on how you choose to pay. While I’m sure you’ll already be familiar with PayPal as a reputable payment system, Stripe is equally safe and reliable. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 with payment information transmitted using SSL encryption. This is the most stringent level of certification available. It is also one of the most used payment processors in the world.
The pricing is in USD. How can I find out the cost in my currency?
In the checkout window when purchasing the program there will be a drop down box with the option to view the price in your currency.

For an estimate, you can also use an online currency converter calculator but keep in mind that the exchange rate you receive is likely to be a couple of percent less favorable than that used in the calculator because the exchange rate you actually receive depends on your credit card provider.

For the most accurate assessment, call your credit card provider and ask them for their current exchange rates for USD.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! You will have the option to spread the cost of the program out over 3 payments. The payment plan offered will involve 3 payments every 30 days with your first payment being due with your enrollment. Please see the pricing page for more details on exact costs.

Key Dates

For April 2021 PCOS Program

April 2, 2021 - Orientation officially begins

April 9, 2021 - Week 1 of the program begins

April 11, 2021 - Last day to enroll

June 17, 2021 - Program ends