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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Levels Explained
A Nourish membership is perfect for women wanting to focus primarily on how they’re eating. This membership level is also essential for anyone who’s been scarred by dieting in the past and wants to improve their relationship with food.

Nourish participants receive:

  • My customizable meal planning service throughout the duration of the Program [?]
  • A pre-populated default meal plan which users can customize to suit their personal preferences [?]
  • An automatic shopping list generator based on the changes you’ve made to your meal plan [?]
  • 305+ carefully developed and tested PCOS-friendly recipes [?]
  • Product recommendations (with no affiliate links) [?]
  • A new featured recipe every week [?]
  • PCOS nutrition lessons including comprehensive food guides [?]
  • Emotional Eating Module [?]
  • Sugar Rehab Module [?]
  • Tips, tricks, and group challenges [?]
  • Access to the Program Facebook Group during the Program and an invite to the Alumni Facebook Group afterward [?]
  • Daily access to Kym via the Facebook Group and email [?]
  • Alumni Repeat Special [?]
A Thrive membership is the ultimate, immersive experience for women wanting to address the multiple lifestyle factors affecting PCOS.

While diet is by far the biggest lever we can pull to manage our symptoms, because PCOS is primarily an inflammation-mediated disorder, exercise and stress management can make a world of difference too. By hitting all three of these interventions at once, participants fast-track the time needed to transform their health and optimize fertility.

As well as receiving the same great content as the Nourish package, a Thrive membership also includes:

  • An extra 100 exclusive recipes within the meal planner’s recipe index. These extra recipes are in addition to the new featured recipes that will be added each week. These extra recipes are also available if you purchase the meal planner as a stand alone service at any point in the future.
  • My PCOS exercise program, which is particularly well-suited for women without an established exercise habit [?]
  • My Emotional Wellness module to tackle the psychological challenges of living with PCOS [?]
  • A 4-ebook bundle, which includes my 3 recipe ebooks and my comprehensive PCOS Supplements Guide [?]
  • A 50% lifetime discount to my monthly meal planning service. [?]
Can I change membership levels after I make my purchase?
You can upgrade your membership once you have made your purchase, you’ll just need to get in touch via email to let us know which level you’d like to upgrade to. Unfortunately though it is not possible to downgrade your membership level, so please ensure you choose the option that suits you best.
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