Kendall's PCOS Weight Loss & Pregnancy Success Story

How I lost 110 Lbs & Fell Pregnant Naturally *

Kendall’s Success Story

This is something I don’t like to admit, but back when my PCOS was getting the better of me, I honestly hated everything about myself – especially how I looked. I was struggling with my weight, I had facial hair and acne, and my self-confidence was non-existent.

At that time, the only help I’d ever been offered was a pamphlet on PCOS, and being told to lose weight and get on birth control. That was it!

I knew this was no way to live, but my biggest motivation for change came from wanting to start a family with my husband.

Kym’s 30 Day Challenge made a pretty big impression on me to say the least, so I started applying what I’d learned in my daily life. I had a lot of hard days and I definitely didn’t do everything right, but as time went on and I learned more, I tended to fall off the wagon less and less.

After I’d already made a lot of progress on my own, I took part in Kym’s 10 week program. Before then, I never worked out – I actually really hated it. Food has always been very easy for me to control, so changing my habits wasn’t easy but it wasn’t hard either. The 10 week program made me realize how much I need exercise in my life. I now workout five days a week and absolutely love it!

I also found the emotional components really helpful. I never realized how much of an emotional eater I was until I did this program! Even though my attitude was really great going into this, I always used to see this as a diet and now think of it as a lifestyle.

Since I took part in that first Challenge my lifestyle has made a complete 360. I feel like I’m not the same person I was 3 years ago. I’ve lost over 110 lbs, my skin has cleared up, and while it didn’t go away entirely, my hirsutism has gotten a lot better. My menstrual cycle is also completely normal now. I went from having a period maybe twice a year, to getting it every month right on time!!

Well, I did anyway, as I’m now pregnant. We had just started trying and were actually seeking help from the doctor when we found out the good news.

It’s insane how happy you can be when you see all the scans and that positive pregnancy test… and then how scared you can be right after! My doctors did tell me not to worry about my PCOS at all, because as far as they are concerned I’m the healthiest person they’ve seen with it! So that was very reassuring!

My goals now are to maintain my new lifestyle. I never again want to be 260 lbs. I want to continue eating healthy throughout and after my pregnancy.

Every day I’m reminded that changing your lifestyle comes one day at a time. It’s foolish to think you can completely do a 360 on your life in a day. It takes time, and compassion for yoursel