The Beat PCOS Ebook Bundle - Beat PCOS with Kym Campbell
STARTS NOV 13, 2020FREE 30 Day PCOS Diet ChallengeLEARN MORE

The Beat PCOS Ebook Bundle

$20.00 USD

Get 28% off when you purchase my three ebooks together. This bundle includes:

30 Day Challenge Companion Guide

The perfect accomplice for your 30 Day Challenge. Includes a comprehensive workbook, my top snacks and drink recipes, as well as a handy guide to PCOS friendly fruits. Learn more here.

The Beat PCOS Dessert Cookbook

Want to beat PCOS but can’t live without something sweet? Have your cake and eat it too with these super PCOS friendly dessert recipes. Learn more here.

The Beat PCOS Supplements Guide

Discover the PCOS supplements that actually work, which ones are a waste of money, and which ones might even be causing you harm. Learn more here.

If you’re new to the idea that the right kind of nutrition can make a radical difference to your PCOS symptoms, then these three resources can give you a big head start.

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