The Advanced Beat PCOS 4-Week Program
Advanced Beat PCOS 4-Week Program
Advanced Beat PCOS 4-Week Program

The Advanced

4-Week Program

Hey, I’m Kym..
After many years of applying evidence-based diet and lifestyle changes, I’d managed to get rid of my acne, lose my stomach fat, regulate my cycle, and fall pregnant naturally. But just when I thought there was nothing about PCOS that could surprise me anymore, in 2017 I experienced a dramatic decline in my health.

I started spending as much time as possible learning and seeking treatment from the world’s leading physicians and digging through the scientific literature. Through this next phase of my journey I uncovered what I’d been missing. It wasn’t until I learned about the cell danger response and the inflammatory triggers that drive this mechanism, that I was able to get my health back on track.

You can learn more about inflammation and the cell danger response here.

In this Advanced Beat PCOS 4-Week Program I share everything I’ve learned about treating the real root causes of PCOS. This is a practical course designed to help you benefit from the most cutting-edge interventions available to-date.

Cutting-Edge Treatments for PCOS
What You Will Learn

How to Diagnose & Treat Mold, Chemical, & Pathogen Illnesses


Advice on Testing Your Home for Mold & Other Environmental Toxins


How to Identify & Swap Out Harmful Toxicants in Your Home


Guidance for Avoiding Contaminated Food, Air, & Water


Guidance on Seeking the Best Medical Help


Advanced Dietary Guidance for Detoxification


Guidance on Genetic Testing


Weekly Detoxification Protocols You Can Do at Home


How to Navigate Breast Implants, Amalgams & Other Dental Work


Recommended Binders and Supplements


Learn How Best to Reboot the Limbic System


Weekly Challenges, Downloadable Guides, Checklists, & More


Not Just Lessons but Real-Life IMPLEMENTATION!


Lifetime Access to Program & Facebook Group

Everything You Need to Take Action
What You Get
1. Learning Module

Avoid & Minimize Toxins

Take back control of your environment by learning how to avoid and minimize your exposure to toxins. Each week we’ll review a significant source of exposure and discuss ways to measure and control these risks in an effective manner. These areas of interest present the greatest opportunity for easy improvements to your health and fertility, by eliminating significant inflammatory insults that add to your burden bucket.
2. Activity Module

Avoid & Minimize Toxins Challenge

This activity module is where the action happens as you begin to apply effective strategies to avoid and minimize toxic exposures. Each week you’ll be given detailed instructions on how to implement a new protective step. You’ll then be asked to share and discuss your experiences in an interactive group environment.
3. Learning Module

Diagnose and Treat Mold, Chemical, & Pathogen Illness

Each week I’ll walk you through the information you need to take your treatment as far as you can on your own. I’ll also share the patient-centric knowledge required to find the best medical help possible. After completing this module you’ll be empowered to challenge and discuss the best treatment options with your healthcare providers.
4. Learning Module

Complementary Therapies

This weekly module will help you understand all the additional complementary interventions you can use to empty out your toxic burden bucket and to reboot your nervous system. These include detox support, supplementation, advanced dietary interventions, and much more.
5. Activity Module

Detox and Reboot Challenge

Put good ideas into practice with this second, action-oriented activity module. Each week you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to conduct an at-home therapy that will either help you detoxify or reboot your nervous system to optimize healing. This is another great interactive module where you can share ideas with other program participants.
6. Lifetime Access

Be Part of a Like-Minded Community

Ask questions and share ideas in a meaningful collaboration with like-minded individuals. All participants will have a lifetime membership to our dedicated program Facebook Group. You’ll also receive lifetime access to the program content including all future updates as the depth of the module resources expands.

My 30-Day 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Any enrollment in my Advanced Beat PCOS 4-Week Program comes with a 100% unconditional, 30-day, money back guarantee. If after following my guidance you don’t see and feel the difference, then I’ll return your full enrollment fee – no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the program for?

This program is for women that want to do all that they can to address the real root causes of PCOS beyond diet and lifestyle changes. While it’s not necessary for you to have already taken substantial steps towards a PCOS friendly diet and lifestyle, to get the most out of this new Advanced Program, you want to at least be on a path towards making them a priority. This program is aimed at an advanced audience, so we won’t be spending time discussing these core PCOS interventions. They will be assumed as prior knowledge.

It doesn’t matter what type of PCOS you have, or if you have other health issues as well. This program is suitable for everyone, including anyone else in your life that struggles with their health, even if they don’t have PCOS.

Who is the program not for?

Like all my offerings, this program is not suited for people wanting a quick or easy fix. Because these advanced approaches to PCOS seek to address the underlying causes, and help the most difficult cases, we need to be realistic about the challenges we’ll face.

I encourage anyone thinking about joining, to bring an open mind to the content of the program. It’s important to realize that the progress you make is likely to be a function of how serious your diagnosis is, as well as how successful you are at applying the things you’ll learn. While the program is only four weeks in duration, the interventions covered may take 12-18 months or more to fully take effect.

The program is also going to be of limited to value to anyone that’s not open to addressing their diet and lifestyle. Diet in particular is such a foundational intervention for women with PCOS that if you don’t get this right, then most other treatments will be of limited value. While it’s not mission-critical, I strongly recommend that any potential participants ensure they’re already familiar with my PCOS diet principles even if they’re still on a journey to putting them into practice.

Is the program safe to do while pregnant or breastfeeding?

The program content will be incredibly valuable to anyone that’s pregnant or breastfeeding, however there will be several activities I’ll recommend you avoid. For example, some of detoxification activities and supplements we’ll explore may best avoided as you don’t want to be mobilizing toxins while pregnant or breastfeeding. This shouldn’t be a concern if you’re trying to conceive though and I’ll provide sufficient warnings wherever I feel they’re necessary.

What’s actually going to be included in the program?

I plan on the program consisting primarily of three learning modules and two activity modules. Each week, new content will be released. Click here for an overview of the content.

How is this different to your other programs?

My free 30-Day PCOS Diet Challenge is my introductory course designed to introduce people to the idea of using diet to treat their PCOS. My 10 Week Program is a natural extension of the 30-Day Challenge where participants get a lot more support with adapting to a PCOS friendly diet. The 10 Week Program also includes additional modules covering intuitive eating, emotional wellness, and exercise.

The free 5-Day PCOS Masterclass you recently completed is the introductory course for advanced PCOS interventions. The Masterclass was intended to familiarize you with the most cutting-edge ideas relating to all chronic illness and putting this into context for people struggling with PCOS and infertility.

This new Advanced Beat PCOS 4-Week Program is intended to be a comprehensive course that helps people apply everything they learned during the free 5-Day Masterclass. This latest program will focus on the things we can do to skillfully manage the risks posed to us by chemical toxins, mold, and pathogenic agents.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! I’m not planning on letting anyone down, but if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, I’ll gladly refund your money in full. Just send me an email and I’ll make it happen. You can read more about my money-back guarantee here in case you’re interested. There really is no catch. You being happy with the program is my number one priority.

Do I get to keep all the content after the program ends?

Yes, plus more. Because these advanced approaches to treating PCOS are so dynamic and ever-improving, anyone who joins my new Advanced Program gets lifetime access to the program platform. I’ll also be keeping the program Facebook Group perpetually open so you can stay up to date and continue to engage in a community of likeminded women long after the program has ended. I plan on growing this niche online community into another fantastic resource for women that are serious about addressing the root causes of their PCOS beyond diet and lifestyle.
Advanced Beat PCOS Program
Tentative Start Date

Late 2021 - Program Launch